SharePoint REST Service ListData.svc and JQuery

This is a sample code on JQuery how you can retrieve a value from a SP 2010 REST service and display it in a HTML element.

In this case this is a piece of code that was used with a blog post xsl output.

There are 3 parts in this code:

1.  Find out the relative URL of the site in the current SP site

var location = window.location.pathname;
location = location.replace(“Lists/Posts/Post.aspx”, “”);

2.  Make a ajax call to the “ListData.svc” service. In this example “Posts” is the name of the posts library in a Blog site. The GetQueryStringParams is a JS function that retrieves the post (list item) ID to be passed to the service and the “LikesCounter” is the field which value we want to get.
type: “GET”,
url: location + “/_vti_bin/ListData.svc/Posts(” + GetQueryStringParams(“ID”) + “)/LikesCounter”,
dataType: “xml”,
success: parseXmlLikesCounter

URL Samle for the AJAX call:


3. Take the value from the service. Strip it of any additional XML elements and get the value. In this case the single value is going to contain some extra XML defining the type of the data etc. I did not need that so I stripped any extra info and kept only the data from the field.
function parseXmlLikesCounter(xml) {
$j(xml).find(“Counter”).each(function () {


XML Samle of the response from the service:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ standalone=”yes” ?>
<LikesCounter p1:type=”Edm.Double” xmlns:p1=”; xmlns=””>1</LikesCounter&gt;

More info on the REST service in SharePoint:

ASP .NET WebPart, Control Or Page loads twice problem

Another issue hit me today and spent some time debugging it. As the title says my control events all launched twice. This caused problems to my code logic and also it is an unnecessary performance hit to do something twice when one rendering pass is what is enough.

The problem was due to the <asp:image control inside my SharePoint 2010 Visual Webpart. For some reason(I’m gonna say a bug in MS code, it seems like it) if you did not set the image URL of the control while it is created OR defined(lets say on the ASCX side my webpart) you will suffer from double loading.

Of course this did not solve my problem entirely until I decided to ditch the <asp:image control and replace it with a HTML server side control <img. NOTICE that I still had to set the img src attribute to some location while defining the control.

Example of the control definition:

<img src=”#” id=”iBlogImage” runat = “server”/>

.NET and SharePoint HttpModules

Today I ran into a problem where my HttpModule was not working. No matter what I did I could not access my code under Visual Studio debugger. In other words my breakpoints did not work.

After a long time of wondering and some Googling I found out that the problem was related to how my HttpModule was being registered to the web application.

In my case I was working on a SharePoint 2010 project and was adding the module registration through a feature.

To put it simple if you are using IIS7 you need to register it under the “modules” element in the web.config file. If you are using lets say IIS6 then you need to register the module under the httpmodules element of  the web.config file.

Example under IIS7:

return new SPWebConfigModification(“add[@name=’My.HttpModule’]”, “configuration/system.web/modules”)
Value = @”<add name=””My.HttpModule”” type=””myassembly namespace info etc”” />”,
Owner = properties.Feature.DefinitionId.ToString(),
Sequence = 0,
Type = SPWebConfigModification.SPWebConfigModificationType.EnsureChildNode

Resources: SharePoint MySites, User Profiles, AD/Users and Alerts

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