Resources: SharePoint List(s), List field(s)


Passing default values to a SharePoint list’s NewForm.aspx page. «

Creating SharePoint 2010 List Definitions in Visual Studio 2010

DevExpertise » Blog Archive » SharePoint List Template IDs and Site Template IDs

SharePoint 2010 Base Types, List Template and Definition IDs, and Content Types IDs | Joel’s SharePoint Architect Blog

Create Custom Lists in CAML based on existing List Templates « Karine Bosch’s Blog

Working with Folders in SharePoint Lists In Code

How to use Rating in SharePoint 2010?

Using Notes Hyperlinks Within SharePoint Lists – MOSS Blog

ListTemplate Element (Site)

How to: Create a Custom List Definition

sharepoint2007 – Sharepoint List Definition that binds only to my Custom Content Type – Stack Overflow

Understanding Schema.xml Files

View Element

My time break for SharePoint: Hide List or Document Library With SharePoint Designer 2010 and ECMAScript

Hide Listtemplate from Create Dialog in PowerShell – SharePoint – Stack Exchange

Programmatically Creating And Programmatically Deleting List Templates Programmatically Via A SharePoint 2007 Programmatic Feature That Uses Code And Not XML Programmatically!

List of SharePoint Events « Development « Adis Jugo

Event Receiver Methods Compared: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint List Web Service GetListItems | Experience The Creativity

Hannah Scott’s Blog: List View Lookup Threshold

Fields And Items:

Frodes awesome list of SharePoint Column Field IDs – for SharePoint 2010 «

FieldId class (Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing)

SharePoint Calculated Columns – working days, weekends and holidays. | Pentalogic Technology

Calculated Field Formulas

Direct SharePoint: SharePoint – Programmatically creating comments of a blog post in blog site

A better way to obtain fields values of an SPListItem – Waldek Mastykarz

‘Modified’ field not getting updated anymore – Writing custom code for SharePoint – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

How to: Create a Custom Field Type and Field Control

Error : Invalid Field name. {7581e709-5d87-42e7-9fe6-698ef5e86dd3} when you try to browse the Master Page link under Site Settings

Updating SharePoint site columns programatically | Yaroslav Pentsarskyy on SharePoint Development

Techno Freak: Through javascript sets the default value of a lookup field identified MOSS 2007

Using Javascript to Manipulate a List Form Field – Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

How can I set the default value in a SharePoint list field, based on the value in another field? – Stack Overflow

Get or Set value for SharePoint field in NewForm, EditForm and DispForm (Get only in DispForm) « SharePoint JavaScripts

.Net & SharePoint ’07 – Getting\Setting values from\to the lookup, hyperlink and people column fields

Sharepoint Tips And Tricks: Code Practices – getting\setting values from\to the lookup and the hyperlink fields

Field Element (List)

System.What?: Free Last Modified By/Date From SharePoint

Managing Tasks Permissions Programmatically within SharePoint using event reciever or using special permissions property « Nishant Rana’s Weblog

SharePoint list item permissions – Stack Overflow

How to set Item Level Permission for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) List/Document Library Programmatically – Pranab Paul’s Blog – Development Tips on SharePoint, Web, Office and OCS – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

How to: Display Custom Fields in a Content By Query Web Part

SharePoint Techie: Created and Modified Field went missing

SharePoint Modified column not updated (Network Steve Forum)

SharePoint Modified column not updated

Creating a custom column with a link to document (other than the name field) in document library


How to configure Document expiration policy – Windows Sharepoint Technical Hints and Tips – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

Baris’s SharePoint Blog: Most viewed documents in SharePoint 2010

Open a workbook in Web browser view – SharePoint Server –

With SharePoint Designer:

How to set default values based on a query string and make those fields uneditable ~ IT Pro Ramblings


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