Sharepoint search results are incomplete or not working

I decided to write a few words about this problem. Mostly on a couple of a more weird situations.

This is a broad topic and I am sure people have many different kinds of problems with the SharePoint search but I’ll write here a couple of them that I encountered and have not found a clear answer yet on the web(well last time I checked 🙂 ).

Problem number 1 – Search results point to a different domain name:

This problem I first encountered a few years back. The client had created their application under a certain domain name and later they wanted to use another one. Well things were configured so that overall everything worked except search results kept pointing to the old domain name even though we indexed using the new domain name.

The problem turned out to be related to SharePoint settings in Alternate Access Mapping. Once updated the application default zone to use the new domain name search results showed up correctly. Part of the problem was created by the clients request to still keep the old domain name in use but this is another story. Eventually the clients application ended up using only one domain name.

So if you encounter problems with your search results pointing to odd places it should not point then check your AAM, check your bindings in IIS and definitely be sure that the DNS server is configured properly.

Problem number 2 – Refinement configurations do not show results when filtering by site:

This is a problem I am working currently on right now so I’ll be updating this one soon BUT it seems that after many attempts to fix this issues everything seems to be OK everywhere EXCEPT I am thinking of HTTPS. The filtering is working for sites that do not have HTTPS enabled BUT does not work on the site with HTTPS enabled. So if you have a similar problem you might want to check your search settings and overall settings regarding your SharePoint application related to HTTPS.

But I’ll be back on this one later.


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