How to deal with a single long continuous word in CSS and HTML

If you have a very long piece of text that has no white spaces or anything that would make the word into smaller bits or information this will likely cause problem when rendered by the browser. Might cause your content to explode width wise.

In one on my problem cases I was creating a custom XSLT to display email related data. One of the data was the To information of emails which holds the recipients of an email. If the email had lots of recipient they where one after another in a single continuous string. This caused a problem when the data was retrieved from the CMS system and displayed to the user. Width wise everything exploded.

What we did in our case the had a table into which the data was inserted. The TD element was modified so that the content would be scroll able and forced to a certain width. This may help someone if you have a similar problem.

<td style=”WIDTH: OVERFLOW: hidden” class=”ms-vb”>
<span style=”DISPLAY: block;WIDTH: 257px; OVERFLOW: auto”>
<xsl:value-of select=”fieldname”/>


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