Good to Know: Windows Server 2012 – Part 1


Here is a series of post(first part) where I have gathered from different sources, good to know Windows Server related information. This might help you on your Windows Server problems or configurations.

Pass-Through Disks
Using Differencing Disks
Disable-NetFirewall Config firewall to all remote MMC Snap In
Slow-link mode
Group Policy slow link detection
Administratively assigned offline files
Enable Background File Synchronization on Metered Networks
Change the settings for Shadow Copies of Shared Folders
Assigning different priority levels – Printer Priority
Creating a printing pool
Set different print priority to different groups
hidden or administrative shares
Manage Multiple, Remote Servers with Server Manager
Create an Exclusion Range in DHCP
Enable and Configure MAC Address Filtering
DHCP Reservation
DHCP Server Authorization
DHCP Console Icons Reference
Managing DNS Records
Using Forwarders
Configuring ICMP Settings
Restricted Groups
How to use Group Policy Preferences to Secure Local Administrator Groups
User Rights Assignment
Security Policy Settings Overview

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