Charts in Microsoft .NET web applications and SharePoint with JavaScript and JQuery components – HighCharts and Google Charts

If you want to add charts to your .NET web applications or your SharePoint site I’ve found two different options that might be useful to you:

  1. HighCharts =>
  2. Google Charts =>

Both are pretty similar in functionality and implementation.

Here are the good and the bad for both of them:


The good:

  • The .NET tools at the moment are more highly advanced in the .NET implementation and configuration of the charting tool. If you want high ,NET coding and maintenance for low or no JS/JQuery implementation this might be your choice.
  • While there is a licence fee for commercial use, a single developer license fee allows a usage to as many web apps, intranet, SaaS apps as you want to create as a developer in your environment or your clients environment. Licensing info:
  • Free for non-commercial use

The Bad:

  • It does require a license fee for commercial usage
  • HighCharts does seem to be more heavy when used in different browsers and devices. Not sure about this one. You need to do some testing of your own.

Google Charts:

The good:

  • No licensing fee
  • Also has .NET implementation although they are not as nearly as sophisticated as the HighCharts counterparts.
  • Google Charts seem to be faster in different browsers and devices. Again this needs to be tested by you.

The bad:

  • The .NET implementations available need some extra work if you want to have the same degree of high customization through .NET code or even lets say styling. This might take you extra time and adjust your timetables accordingly.

Other good things about both tools are:

  • The good thing about these both charting tools IS that the .NET implementations have their code available to be customized to add new features.
  • Both charting tools can be configured to work with JQuery Mobile to be used and fit on smaller screen devices.

Here are the tools:


HighCharts .NET

Google Visualizations (Charts,Graphs,Timelines) for NET

Google DataTable .Net Wrapper

Google Charts, ASP.NET, jQuery, AJAX – Quick & Easy

jQuery Mobile Charts

Documentation for the tools:

Using Google Charts

Highcharts documentation


2 thoughts on “Charts in Microsoft .NET web applications and SharePoint with JavaScript and JQuery components – HighCharts and Google Charts

  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this useful article. I still beleive the Google Charts are a very good library and it worth being used.

    For those utilizing .NET there is a very useful and simple library that transoforms the data into the JSON literal required for plotting charts.
    Check this out: Google.DataTable.Net.Wrapper

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