Good to know!? C# 5.0 Key Features Reference – Part 1

Hi here is my reference links to C# 5.0. hope it helps someone!! 🙂

Manage program flow – Multithreading, asynchronous processing, events and callbacks, exception handling

Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await (C# and Visual Basic)
C# Operators
CancellationTokenSource Class
Covariance and contravariance
Delegate.GetInvocationList Method
Exceptions and Exception Handling (C# Programming Guide)
Flow Control
Interlocked Methods
Jump Statements
Lambda Expressions (C# Programming Guide)
lock Statement (C# Reference)
Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)
System.Collections.Concurrent Namespace
System.Threading.Tasks Namespace
Thread Class
ThreadLocal<T> Class
ThreadPool Class
Using Delegates (C# Programming Guide)
Volatile Class

Types – Create types, Consume types, encapsulation, class hierarchy, reflection, string/text manipulation

Abstract and Sealed Classes and Class Members (C# Programming Guide)
Access Modifiers (C# Reference)
Anonymous Methods (C# Programming Guide)
Attributes (C# and Visual Basic)
Basic String Operations
Best Practices for Using Strings in the .NET Framework
C# – Understanding The NET Garbage Collector
Constructor Design
CultureInfo Class
Enumeration Types (C# Programming Guide)
ExceptionDispatchInfo Class
Expression Trees (C# and Visual Basic)
Extension Methods (C# Programming Guide)
Finalize Methods and Destructors
Generics (C# Programming Guide)
IDisposable Interface
Immutability in C# Part One: Kinds of Immutability
Interfaces (C# Programming Guide)
IUnknown interface
Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
Operator Keywords (C# Reference)
Properties (C# Programming Guide)
The Big Ball of Mud and Other Architectural Disasters
Types (C# Programming Guide)
unsafe (C# Reference)
Using Conversion Operators (C# Programming Guide)
using Statement
Using the CodeDOM
Using the StringBuilder Class
Using Type dynamic (C# Programming Guide)
Walkthrough: Creating and Using Dynamic Objects (C# and Visual Basic)
WeakReference Class
virtual (C# Reference)

Application management and development and security – Validation, encryption, assemblies, debugging, diagnostics

.NET Framework Cryptography Model
.NET Framework Cryptography Model
.NET Framework Regular Expressions
Analyzing Application Performance by Using Profiling Tools
Beginners Guide to Performance Profiling
C# Preprocessor Directives
Code Access Security
Conditional (C# Programming Guide)
Debug Class
Debugger Roadmap
Debugging, Tracing, and Profiling
EventLog Class
Gacutil.exe (Global Assembly Cache Tool)
JavaScriptSerializer Class
Makecert.exe (Certificate Creation Tool)
Object.GetHashCode Method
Parsing Strings
PDB Files (C# and Visual Basic)
PerformanceCounter Class
Regular Expression Language – Quick Reference
Runtime Profiling
SecureString Class
Sn.exe (Strong Name Tool)
Step 1: Examining the Configuration Files
Stopwatch Class
Symbol Server and Symbol Stores
System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Namespace
System.Diagnostics Namespace
TraceSource Class
Using DebuggerDisplay Attribute
XML Schema Definition Tool (Xsd.exe)

Data access and manipulation – I/O operations, consume data, LINQ data manipulation, serialization, collections

101 LINQ Samples
ADO.NET Architecture
ADO.NET DataSets
Arrays Tutorial
BinaryFormatter Class
Collections (C# and Visual Basic)
Collections and Data Structures
ConfigurationManager Class
DataContractSerializer Class
DataContractSerializer Sample
DbConnection, DbCommand and DbException
DbConnectionStringBuilder Class
Directory Class
DirectorySecurity Class
DriveInfo Class
Encoding Class
Entity Framework
Examples of XML Serialization
File Class
FileInfo Class
FileStream Class
Getting Started with LINQ in C#
How to: Extend the Async Walkthrough by Using Task.WhenAll (C# and Visual Basic)
How to: Parse XML with XmlReader
HttpClient Class
Implementing an Implicit Transaction using Transaction Scope
MemoryStream Class
NonSerializedAttribute Class
Parameters and Execution Plan Reuse
Path Class
Retrieving and Modifying Data in ADO.NET
Serialization (C# and Visual Basic)
SQL Injection
SqlCommand Class
SqlConnection Class
SqlDataReader Class
StreamReader Class
StreamWriter Class
System.IO.Compression Namespace
System.Net Namespace
Using Data Contracts
Using the DbContext API
var (C# Reference)
Web.config Transformation Syntax for Web Project Deployment Using Visual Studio
WebRequest Class
WebResponse Class
What Is Windows Communication Foundation
XML Standards Reference
XmlAttributes.XmlArray Property
XmlAttributes.XmlArrayItems Property
XmlAttributes.XmlAttribute Property
XmlAttributes.XmlElements Property
XmlAttributes.XmlIgnore Property
XmlSerializer Class

Other important links:

Visual Studio Plugins
Database ConnectionStrings

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