Problems after Re-Activating SharePoint Publishing feature, missing site properties


If you find yourself with problems in your publishing site after a re-activation you might be suffering from missing site properties. This is what happened to me. My problem was related to the missing “Pages” library property. This caused other problems such as the site default page did not work.

To fix this you might need to look at another publishing site which you know for sure that it works. Compare the site properties of your problem publishing site with the one that is working. Fill in or add the missing properties.

You can do this through PowerShell.


$web = Get-SPWeb “http://site-collection/path-to-affected-site


The above two command will simply load your site and display your site properties.

To set a property use and modify the following script:

$web.AllProperties[“your property name that is missing or invalid”] = “your value for the property”

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