Speeding up WMWare Images

Speeding up WMWare Images

If you experience slow development images with WMWare, especially with SharePoint 2013 images you can try the WMWare Defragment utility.

​I have succesfully defraged several SharePoint 2013 images and sped up them condiderably. If you wonder how much speed is gained? For my images I got from wainting a minute or two to a few second on a certain operation such as opening a site for the first time or accessing site settings.

What you need to do is:

  • Close your development image if it is open
  • Make sure you have several tens of GBs of empty space on the hard drive partition/disk where you image resides (this is required for the defragment operation)
  • Select your development image in WMWare
  • In the devices section select a virtual hard disk, a pop up should open
  • Then seek the Utilities drop down button and press it
  • The option “Defragment” should appear, select it and let the defragment operation finish
  • Do the same thing for all virtual hard disks in your development image
Speed up WMWare Image

Speed up WMWare Image

This is especially useful when working with Microsft SharePoint 2013 images.


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