Accesing SharePoint2013 SEO fields

This is rather simple. You can the fields under each item document library or list. Look at the sample code below:

if(SPContext.Current.File != null)
seoCanonical = SPContext.Current.File.Item[“EncodedAbsUrl”] as String;
if (SPContext.Current.File.Item.Fields.ContainsField(“SeoKeywords”))
seoKeywords = SPContext.Current.File.Item[“SeoKeywords”] as String;

if (SPContext.Current.File.Item.Fields.ContainsField(“SeoMetaDescription”))
seoMetaDescription = SPContext.Current.File.Item[“SeoMetaDescription”] as String;
//var seoFields = SPContext.Current.File.Item.Fields.Cast<SPField>().Where(o => o.StaticName.ToLower().Contains(“seo”));

The field IDs are:



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