Hiding and showing HTML elements with ASP .NET


Ok, this is probably a quite simple thing to do and maybe everyone knows it BUT just in case… :).

Well, you need two things a C# code(or some other way to ouput HTML) to generate and anchor link by which to display or hide a given HTML element.

In this case, let’s say that you have a DIV element. You assign as the ID value the client ID which your control receives from ASP .NET(notice that the unique ID or the ID but the ClientID, it is HTML friendly).

Then you would do something like the code below. You are calling a JavaScript function which receives as parameters the full ID for the DIV element and the start of the DIV full id.

The idea is to be able to identify all of the elements which are under this same hide and show logic while still being able to identify a single item.

Exmaple ID:
id =”cars_ASP.NETUserControlClientID_carnumber”

The bolded part would be used to identify ALL of the items which need be processed at the same time. While the non-bolded value(carnumber) is the identifier for a single item.

The C# code below creates an anchor calling the function below the C# code. Notice the href definition “javascript:void(0)“, this is to avoid page jump in certain browsers and their versions.

String.Format("<a href=\"javascript:void(0)\" onclick=\"showInfo('{0}','{2}')\">{1}</a>", "HTML Element ID to find unique counter or ID" + this.ClienID, "The link title/name", this.ClienID);

function showInfo(id, controlUniqueID) {
// Search for all items and hide them
 $('*[id*=' + controlUniqueID + ']').each(function () {

// Next open only the item which you want to see
 if ($('#' + id).css('display') == 'none') {
 $('#' + id).show();
 else {
 $('#' + id).hide();


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