Fix deleted AD users from SharePoint

This is a small PowerShell script that will fix issues with removed SharePoint users. You may encounter problems if you remove an AD user but the later re-create it with the same AD user login. If such cases this script might help you with possible SharePoint issues. If this does not help then try to remove the user profile and run a full user profile synchronization and run the script again.

$sites = Get-SPSite

foreach ($site in $sites) {
$groups = $site.RootWeb.sitegroups
foreach ($group in $groups) {
foreach ($user in $group.users) {
# Skip All Authenticated Users, General groups
if ($user.userlogin -eq "c:0(.s|true" -or $user.userlogin -eq "c:0!.s|windows") {
if ($user.IsDomainGroup) {
# Skip Security Groups
else {
# Get user login
$splitline = $user.userlogin.split("\");
$samid = $splitline[1];
if ($user.userlogin.contains("AD domain name"))
if ($user.userlogin.contains("part of your login name")) {
Write-Host "user Found" $user.userlogin
else {
Write-Host $user.userlogin


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