A docker self-hosted Logging API using Elasticsearch, Kibana and MongoDB


In this post I wanted to show you a way of hosting a custom logging API that uses Elasticsearch, Kibana and MongoDB.

In the github link you will find the following:

  • A docker-compose file that contains the definitions needed to create the environment
  • Docker image definitions for Kibana, Elasticsearch and MongoDB

Things to know

  • Both Kibana and Elasticsearch don’t use X-Pack as a security measure, the original image definition that I used as the basis used SearchGuard but I wanted to create something that is free to use.
  • For a simple authentication I used Nginx reverse-proxies images.
  • The mongoDB uses and needs credentials to access
  • The LogAPI would use TSL and basic auth at the moment.


  • Adding token based authentication
  • Adding the LogAPI nodejs code
  • Using Readonlyrest to add security between Elasticsearch and Kibana

This is a work in progress

The docker compose file

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