Java + Spring Boot: Explicit Class Instances with Profiles, Beans and Qualifiers

Here is a simple example how to use beans to create instances of classes based on their profiles.

Firstly, you need is a base class or an interface that each class will inherit/implement.

The simple way of doing this is to just simply using the @Profile annotation on a class with the desired profile name. For example:

Use a dev profile for a class that is created when you dev profile is up and running and test profile when your test profile is used.

Then simply use the @Autowired annotation to on the base class/interface. The rest if induced automatically based on your profile. BUT this approach works fine in your classes and/or interface reside within the same package.

In a case that you are using a base class or an interface from another library/package and wanting to create a different class to be used with different profiles this might not work because you can’t change the used profile name in the base library/package.

In these cases you do the following:

  1. Create @Bean functions that return instantiate the desired class into an object based on a profile set to the bean function. The return value can be the base class or interface.
  2. Give the same bean name to all functions.
  3. On the @Autowired class member add the @Qualifier annotation giving the bean name which you want.

Spring will in this case induce the right object instance based on the profile in defined on a bean function.

    public BaseAuthentication getBaseAuth()
        return new MockAuthenticationClient();

    public BaseAuthentication getMainAuth(MessageService messageService)
        return new MainAuthClient(messageService);

    private BaseAuthentication baseAuthentication;

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