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Helsinki, Finland
January 2020 –  Present

Software Developer

Currently I am working with Microsoft technologies on cloud driven solutions on Azure.

Espoo, Finland
April 2017 –  January 2020

Senior Software Developer

At HiQ I worked with different technologies and programming languages. Mostly I used cloud based solutions and applications, AWS and Azure. With AWS I have used the following technologies: ECS, Kubernetes, RDS, Elasticache, Elasticsearch, Docker, Java, Spring Boot, Beanstalk, EC2, ALB, Route53, SQS, AmazonMQ, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Cognito, S3, IAM, VPC, EC2.

My main responsibility for the time I was working at HiQ was designing and implementing for over two years a business to customer Microservices application built on AWS.

The project was designed to support tens of thousands of users and I tested the application to support over 100 request per second. Optimization and profiling was an important part of my job.

In the project we where very serious about monitoring and security and thus had a comprehensive implementations for both of them. I did a custom logging and security audit design implementations, tools installation and configuration. Our security measures where audited by 3rd party companies and I was part of implementing suggestions and fixes to possible problem that would have been found.

I also was part of designing and creating the main security features and functionality for handling user registration, authentication and authorization based on very specific client business requirements.

My responsibilities included also creating and up-keeping the CI/CD implementation to continuously develop, build and deploy our solutions from development to testing to prod in a matter of even as little as an hour, for a minor fix.

Systems Garden Ltd
Espoo, Finland
March 2016 – March 2017

Software Specialist

At Systems Garden I worked on multiple types of projects. I worked on SharePoint projects, I worked creating Azure Application and integrations of Azure features such as Azure AD. I was also part of an internal product development effort to renovate and improve an internal CMS platform. I also developed several internal applications and tools for internal use to simplify or speed up our work. Because of the small size of the company I had to take a bigger responsibility and be more proactive than in my previous employments, this was fun.

Brinkhill Ltd

Helsinki, Finland
Sep 2009 – March 2016
Software Specialist/Consultant

At Brinkhill Ltd I’ve been working in a small startup company on Microsoft and SharePoint related projects as a product developer, software developer, architect and as a consultant for other companies.

As a product developer I was part of our team that designed and implemented several products for SharePoint solutions. We sent out to find the needs of other companies and put them together into a product that can be developed for the needs of the clients. We identified several products that we created this way.

As a consultant my main responsibilities was to consult other companies in their problems in Microsoft technologies. I was responsible for solving and fixing issues that clients had in their environments. Later my responsibilities expanded into actually implementing full blown projects.  As a consultant, my responsibilities varied greatly from tasks as a software developer, to a role as a software architect, to testing, database managing, sales and project management. Of course in some of these roles are not my main competency but I like a challenge and learning new ways and to be honest if I or someone else would have not done the tasks at hand then they would have either left undone or in a bad shape.

Working as a product developer and as a consultant required me to have knowledge in several different Microsoft related products and technologies raging from operating systems, web site development, hosting, database management and specific knowledge in enterprise products.

Key facts:

  • My client roster included companies both from public and private sector. In the public sector I had clients in the following fields: aviation, forestry, energy, insurance and finance/banking. From private sector I’ve the opportunity to work with companies in the following fields: forestry, finance/banking, news and media, publishing, construction, logistics, automobile retailing and technology.
  • I had to work and/or solve hundreds of different issues. The issues ranged from security problems, to configuration of product specific functionalities such as communication between systems or search indexing to actual software development and sometimes even reverse engineering functionalities in custom code or Microsoft code.
  • I extensively worked with SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and O365 products to create, develop, manage and fix internet, intranet and extranet applications.
  • I had to understand and operate several Microsoft Windows Server products such as Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2.
  • Also my main development tools where Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-2015 versions and knowing how to work with Team Foundation Servers.
  • Database skills in Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 were required and IIS 6/7/8 were also more than important.
  • Understanding virtualization on VMware and Hyper-V to install, operate and develop on virtual environments that represent client systems, service and products.
  • Good skills were also required in client side scripting and libraries, HTML, XML, XSLT, different versions of the .NET Frameworks, CSS and many other skills. Even skills in understanding and learning non-Microsoft products and technologies to transfer and integrate different system together.
  • Other skills required were knowledge on non-Microsoft technologies and platforms in migration and integration tasks such as SDL Tridion 2009
    • The work done with SDL Tridion required the following skills and knowledge from the products capabilities. These skills and knowledge where required to answer and/or produce the results which where required by the clients: Achive Manager, Audience Manager, BluePrinting, Communication Statistics, Content Manager, OutBound E-Mail, Translations Manager and Site Edit
Helsinki, Finland
Apr 2006 – May 2009
Software Developer

Started in the company as a Junior Software Developer and quickly promoted to Software Developer. Worked for the first three months at the customer service interface level where I was responsible for fixing and improving internal and external projects. After my promotion I was responsible for creating internet, intranet and extranet sites for medium and large sized international organizations/companies, for both in public and private sectors.

During my employment period I had the opportunity to work in four different projects, length ranging from 4 to 19 months in teams of 4 – 15 people. My largest project was our company’s flagship Software as a Service product aimed for the sales sector. This was a CRM product, Salesforce alike.

Additional to software development I did database development, design and upkeeping. Also took part in software architecture, design and project management. Our main development technologies and platforms where based on Microsoft solutions, especially on the .NET Framework.

Key facts:

  • Promoted from Junior Software Developer to Software Developer in 2 months which was before I reached the end of my trial/evaluation period. This was 2 months earlier than the initial planed 4 months trial/evaluation period.
  • I was responsible for different tasks and responsibilities during my employment. Such as: Software development, small or medium size roles Software Architect and Project Manager. This was especially true for my very first project right after I was promoted. The project was aimed for a big university in a European country outside of Finland. Despite the problems with a underestimated timetables and resource allocations which the development team was assigned to do, I naturally was drawn to these actions and responsibilities and eventually was responsible for finishing the project as a developer, assistant architect and also as an assistant PM.
  • I was always a part of the company’s newest technology usages and experiments. I also was part of my employer’s flagship product(s) which was designed and implemented to be used by thousands of users.
  • Experience in cross team, cross department development and co-operation. I also have experience working with international subcontractors and teams within different projects.
  • Technology wise I was responsible to know and/or master multiple platforms, development tools, database tools, development languages and idioms, Rich Internet Application and so on including to be able develop code that takes into consideration mobile devices and the ability to modify and integrate between different platforms and technologies.
  • Took responsibilities as a manager of our Leisure & Fun department (Body & Soul) from 2007 to 2008. Managed budget/finances, events, people and the overall company spirit. Had to manage a small budget of 14400 € a year between four offices in three different cities in Finland, with 300 people to be taken into consideration.
Kotka, Finland
Apr 2002 – Jun 2005
Student/Software Developer

During my time in the Kymenlakso University Of Applied Sciences I chose to take apart in one of my schools separate departments sponsored by the European Union. The department was named Software Academy of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. The idea of the Software Academy was to assign students to work in projects aimed to be used by small or medium sized organizations/companies in the public or private sectors. I ended up doing projects for several platforms and technologies Sun, Microsoft or Unix. I was responsible for creating web sites, encryption software, windows software and database development. Including these software development tasks I also managed and designed the projects I was part of building, both at solution level and at technical level.

Key facts:

  • I worked with several different programming languages and due to this I had to learn to perform on several different platforms. I used technologies such as ANSI C/C++, Win32 API, .NET Framework, PHP, Java, Windows Server 2000, SQL Server 2000, MySQL, Linux Red Hat.
  • I created user management web site with PHP for a public organization. The web site had ASP .NET alike session state and Viewstate capabilities and also the ability to have dynamic web page templates that could be used in a similar fashion as those in CMS technologies. All this was managed by a state machine solution that I developed for this particular project.
  • Created a ANSI C/C++ DES/TDES encryption library class library to be used by our school from scratch.
  • I was awarded with best grades for my bachelor’s thesis for creating a student/project management application that was used by the Software Academy to made students (evaluation of user grades and performance) and projects done inside the Software Academy. I designed and implemented the project mostly by myself (90%), this was due because it was my bachelors thesis. The project took me 10 months to finish of which 4 months was used to writing specifications, managing the application and writing my bachelors thesis about the project. The rest of the 6 months I wrote and managed around 40 000 lines of code with MC++ and T-SQL for SQL Server 2000. In this project I took my knowledge earlier knowledge on state machines and created a totally new state machine that grew into multiple states machines within the application that ended up managing it similar to workflows in the .NET framework.

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