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VirtualBox, Android Devices and error “This device cannot start. (Code 10)”

Ok, if you get this error you are probably trying to install your Android device to windows and it fails. When checking the device manager you might see the following error code. There are numerous posts and instructions which might help you but none did to my LG G3. What eventually helped was an insight based on several different posts.

On my virtual machine the problem was related to the USB port type used in relation to the USB port actually used in your real world machine and USB cable used.

Basically as default the VirtualBox used USB 1.1 which for some reason does not work, probably something to do with my cable being USB 2.0. To fix my problem I installed the VirtualBox extension for USB: VM VirtualBox Extension Pack.

Then I changed the USB type to be used for the Virtual Machine to 2.0, booted my windows and it worked. So if you are getting the error above no matter where you are check that you have the proper USB cable which is compatible with your Android device and the port on your machine. For a virtual machine image check that you have the right USB configuration in relation to your real world devices.

If the case above does not work, then try this KB article from Microsoft: