Tiled2Unity – Using normal maps for your tiled projects

I needed to use normal maps to my Tiled project with Tiled2Unity and this was not support by default. So I did some script changes to make this happen. Below is the instruction how to use the new code changes.

How to use Ti led with Tiled2Unity to attach Normal Maps to your Tiled project:

  • Add a new map property named “UseNormalMap” and assign the value 1 to it. This will indicate to the script in unity that a normal map is to searched and applied to the project once exported from Tiled2Unity.



  • Next add you normal map texture to the Tiled project, make sure that the normal map texture file has the following characters just before the file extension: _n, example: hyptosis_til-art-batch-2_n.png. This will tell the importer code which texture file is the normal map file. So it is the same file name as the original texture file but with the _n characters. Then add a new layer and name it “NormalMapLayer”. IMPORTANT: Add some tiles from the normal map texture to the layer. This is so that the normal map texture is exported to Unity. If this is not done the normal map texture is not exported by the tool Tiled2Unity.tiled2UnityNormalMapLayer
  • After this simply do what you would normally do to export your tiled project to Unity using Tiled2Unity. This of course implies that you have the code changes which support this new feature for normal maps.
  • NOTICE: There is a new shader called TextureTintSnapNormal which is used for normal mapping.

My changes to Tiled2Unity Scripts for Unity: https://github.com/lionadi/Tiled2Unity/tree/master/unity/Tiled2Unity/Scripts/Editor

And the custom shader: https://github.com/lionadi/Tiled2Unity/tree/master/unity/Tiled2Unity/Shaders

Original project: http://www.seanba.com/tiled2unity

Tiled project: http://www.mapeditor.org/


Normal tools for 2D art:



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